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  1. beautiful, love the delving back, being able to see John as a child, to see the love in his eyes for the two of you….#115 has me in tears

    I cannot think of a more lovely recording of the depth of his caring and the scope and span of his generous giving of himself, bountiful indeed!

    love you all so much, xxoo lisa

  2. We are sure the Album in no way captures the rich life that John lived. Thanks for sharing those pictures that demonstrates the vast love and affection John shared with you through all those wonderful years. What a blessing to have him as husband, father, and wonderful member of the community in which he lived. Our deepest sympathy and prayers are with you (Peggy, Erin, and extended family) in this time of difficult reflection.

  3. What a wonderful tribute to John. They always say that pictures speak a thousand words; those words would be limitless in this case. The photos show a very loving husband and father and a man that seemed to truly enjoy life and the people he came across in it. I can only imagine the depth of your sorrow and am praying for your continued strength during this time. Peggy, you are one of the most amazing and strong women I know. I know you will continue on in life with the same grace you have always possessed. I truly wish I could be there to support you and Erin and help celebrate John’s life, unfortunately I will not be able to attend. Love Always, Buck

  4. Dear Peggy, Erin, Danny, and Brian,

    I am grateful beyond words to have met a friend as dear as Brian back in our college days, not to mention a friend who introduced me to his unbelievably warm, fun, caring, cool (!), open-minded and open-hearted family in Boulder. Getting to know you all over the years has been the most incredible gift, and I am beyond grateful for the time I was able to spend with John. One of my fondest memories of him, and with you all, is and always will be the gratitude practice before dinner – where we would hold hands and explain something we’re each grateful for on that day. I absolutely loved the profound insights John would share during those times, and the sincerity of everything he was grateful for (which was so often you all, his family). I think it’s so special that these experiences also describe his way of life – one of sincere gratitude. I am so thankful for having known him, and for having learned this from him.

    Thinking of you all with much love,

  5. So very thankful that John was in the world and made it a better place. It was a privilege to know him and to call him a friend. For John, I’m also thankful that he had the two of you, Peggy and Erin, by his side to love and cherish as he did. May your memories of John(Dad) fill your hearts with joy when the pain of loss subsides. To God be the glory for his life and his legacy of love. Prayers for comfort and peace at this difficult time. Maggie O

  6. John the very definition of the “cool’ guy. His earthly life cut off too soon, but what an extraordinary life, filled with curiosity, adventures, and love, much love!! As a step brother he came into my life as the brother I never had..when he came to Colorado Werner and I had the wonderful privilege of exploring new sights, coming over for dinners and hilarious Monopoly games with Karen saying..
    ” John, it’s just a game”. Lol
    We moved back to Florida..but we always knew what John was up to, his authentic and deep love for Peggy and Erin, his commitment to his family and his never ending curiosity and devotion to peace and kindness.
    I see John living such a life centered on
    love.. Now, I know John is surrounded by the warmth and comfort of unconditional love, at peace, comforted, secure and happy..and free.
    A life lived well…God Bless

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